• Tuesday, February 11, 2014

    What To Do If An Ex Sends You A "Happy Valentines Day" Text

    Recent Ex(2weeks to 3 months)-Dont reply, he's just trying to find a reason to make you miss him! Instead post on your social media sites how much fun you'r having without him! (He'll regret not having you around)

    Ex from your past(3months to 1 year)-Theres two ways this can go...If you want to rekindle the flames consider going out with him but don't let your feelings get involved just yet! If he wants to take you out then cool, a free meal cant hurt anyone. Or you can just reply and try to get the T on whats going on with him.

    Ex from way back when - (1year to 4 years)-First check his social media to get the inside scoop on whats going on with him. He way not have been popping when y'all was dating but now he is....Hmmmm maybe a catch up date would be cool, but you have to consider and remember does the good outweigh the bad? Only consider going out if you guys left on a good note!

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