• Monday, March 24, 2014


    Kanye and Kim covered the latest Vogue issue with baby North, this happened to be the first Kardashian-West publication so they had to make it rememberable. 
    Check out the flawless pictures below:

    As you can see the pictures were wonderful, but everyone wasn't so happy about them getting the cover. Victoria Beckham was just that person, she recently sent Anna Wintour a letter on how she felt about seeing them and it wasn't pleasant at all. Check out the later below:
    “Dear Anna,
    What more can I do?
    I removed the saline sacks in my chest. I cut off my hair extensions. I got rid of the French manicure and returned to my normal skin tone. I pretended I read books. I made a commitment to never smile in public. I starved myself. I have had nothing but peas and herbal tea for 3 years.
    What more can I do?
    I am a style icon. Every fashion house wants me to wear their clothes. Everyone from Queen Rania and Beyonce to Yolanda from Housewives of Beverly Hills wears my designs.
    She cuts Tom Ford dresses into crop tops. She sells leopard leggings at Sears. You know who wears her clothes? My third assistant just told me girls who work the checkout at something called a $0.99 cent store or the manager at Pet Smart.
    You know what I wore to the Royal wedding when I was 8 months pregnant? I wore my own design. A boat-neck Navy dress with custom made Louboutin heels. Remember what she wore to the Met Gala? She wore a couch.
    And are they really the most talked about couple in the world? David is an international sports star, model, and philanthropist. That guy wears hooded sweatshirts and can’t sell out tickets to one of his rapping shows. He wears gold teeth. He has poor grammar. I was a Spice Girl!
    What more can I do?
    Warm regards,

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