• Thursday, April 3, 2014


    You could never be to old to have a crush, but it often comes hard trying to figure out what you should do about it! Should you let him know? Should you just let it ride?
    Heres some few tips you should follow that could benefit you:

    -First be prepared that the worst thing he can say is no.
    -Give him little hints but don't be press, you cant seem thirsty it has to be in a cute way.
    -Know that it's going to take some time so don't rush it, you don't want to be looked at as a creep.
    -Make sure you communicate with him, see if you can hold a good conversation with him.
    -Even though he is a crush don't be clingy.
    -Remember that at the end of the day you'r having fun.
    -If you can tell he likes you back, try to take the next step.

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